McDonough High School
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About Our Troupe


About Our Troupe
International Thespian Troupe #303
Troupe Sponsor/Director-- Mrs Jana W. Heyl
Technical Direction-- Mr Chip Murphy, Mr Craig Meinhardt
Costume Supervisor-- Ms Renee Bowyer
Asst Director/Choreographer-- Ms Nicole Smith

President--Christina Murphy and Cece Malaquin
Secretary-- Jordan Coley
Treasurers- Emily Maljak and Terrence Griffin
Historians-- Marie Bennett and Ky Honaker
Points Clerk-- Sonya Falkenstein and Olivia Johnson

Freshman Representative-- Lindsay Heyl and Jordan Pinckney

President--Becca Smith
Vice President-- Cassie Higgs
Secretary-- Christina Murphy
Treasurers- Tianna Vines and Jillian Lewis
Historians-- Cece Malaquin and Marie Bennett
Points Clerk-- Qionn Williams and Emily Maljak

Freshman Representative-- Olivia Johnson

President--Hunter Stempin
Vice President-- Amanda Unzicker
Secretary-- Ceala Pinkney/Emily Maljak
Treasurers- Katie Phoenix and Becca Smith
Historians-- Kassidy Grimes and Jessica Barnes
Points Clerk-- Noah Perry and Danielle Ashby

Freshman Representative-- Emily Maljak



President--Branden Nestor
Vice President-- Sierra Pedri
Secretary-- Hunter Stempin
Treasurers-- Kim Boenig and Ceala Pinckney
Historians-- Angela Cruz and Skylah Smith
Points Clerk-- Brioni Baldwin and
Becca Smith
Representative-- Amanda Unzicker

President-- Pateley Bongiorni
Vice President-- Raymond Sorenson
Secretary-- Megan Fritz
Points Clerks-- Alex McAfee and Hunter Stempin
Treasurers-- Tessa Norman and Tommy Colder
Historians-- Asena Johnson and Branden Nestor
Jr STO-- Sierra Pedri
Freshman Rep-- Becca Smith

2012-2013 Officers
Co- Presidents-- Heather Bortner and Dillon Kercher
Vice President-- Symora Thomas
Secretary--Ashley Fisher
Treasurers--Alex McAfee and Raymond Sorenson
Historians-- Sierra Pedri and Asena Johnson
STO Representative--Megan Fritz
And special congratulations to Freshman Representative-- Hunter Stempin

























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