McDonough High School
Drama/ Media
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Awards and Clippings

Awards our students/program have received:

World Premiere/commissioning of Murder in the Knife Room   by world reknowned playwright Jonathan Rand  2005

1st in Flight-- McDonough High School 2013
First students to use rigging to fly onstage in Charles County
in fall play, Peter Pan

2006 Teacher of the Year McDonough High School-- Jana Heyl

 Scholarship Recipients at The Maryland State Thespian Festival

                2013  Brittnee Ross (Musical Theatre)

                2012       Matthew Sallee (Musical Theatre)

                2010    Abby Barber  (Performance)

                2009—Joey Frennette (Technical Theatre)

                2008—JD Groomes  (Musical Theatre)

                2007—Kelly Colburn  (Performance)

  • Best Hair and Makeup, Little Mermaid , black box performance, Maryland Thespian Festival 2014, 1st Place Costume Creation, 1st Place Costume Relay, 1st Place Sewing, 2nd Place Platform Legging

  • 20  Superior Rankings for Individual Events   2006-2013  (Bobby Balint 3, Matthew Sallee, Rachel Libelo 2, Lauren Young, Joseph Frennette 3, Abby Barber, Kelly Colburn 2, Victoria Davis and Katie Morris,)
  • Superior Ranking at Maryland State Thespian Festival 2004-2005-2006 including Invitation to the International Thespian Festival’s Regional Play Marathon for " Check Please", "Idiot and the Odyssey", and "Heat Death of the Universe".
  • 12 Superior Ratings for students at the Maryland State Thespian Festival 2005-2006
  • 2 Superior Rankings for Students at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska


                                        Charles County Film Festival Awards
                            for Media Students
                                  1st Place Screenplay  Branden Nestor and Alex McAfee
                                  2nd Place  Screenplay  Tessa Norman
                                  3rd Place  Screenplay   Tommy Colder
                                  1st Place  Music Video  Alex Albrittain, Zophia Galvan, Tessa Norman
                                  1st Place  commercial  Branden Nestor, Alex McAfee, Jacob                              Gilliam, and   Alex Albrittain

                                    1st Place Music Video  Symora Thomas, Branden Nestor
                                    2nd Place Music Video  Caleb Hoepfl


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