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Show tickets

                       Show tickets

All of our seats are reserved here at McDonough HS  Drama , which means whenever possible patrons get to pick their seats for our shows.  All  doors open 30 minutes before a performance, but there is no rush for seating when your seat is already held for you.  The tickets are sold through an online ticketing program which gives you several choices of available seats to chose from when you are ready to buy .  You will need to swap out all online tickets for real tickets which will already be held for you at our WILL CALL ticket table in the school's main lobby.

Please contact Mrs Heyl if you need handicappped seats or would need the front padded seats for an elderly person.  They are not available on the website.  Please contact Mrs Heyl at to get these tickets ahead of time or you may buy them the night of the show if available. 

The night of the show tickets are on sale starting one hour before the production in the main lobby of the school.  Most people park in the main parking lot of the building and walk around to the front of the school and the lobby.  However, if you have any elderly or handicpped  person in your party, you may drop off or park around the main circle of the school.

To purchase tickets,  Click on this logo for  

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